Culture Comes First


If the idea that culture in your company’s day-to-day operations only gets attention when there is extra time available, then maybe a fresh approach is needed.

The reality is that culture and inclusion should come first. When set as a priority, the culture within a company creates a solid foundation on which every other aspect of the business can thrive. Culture can be defined as a company‘s values, ideals, attitudes, and goals, both long and short term. If all employees are clearly aware of what these attributes are within the company, can observe and put them into action themselves, the resulting alignment can be extremely beneficial.

It will determine how well small teams work together, it will break down boundaries and siloes, and will transform the company into a well-functioning, competent team as a whole. The sense of belonging that is created from acceptance and inclusion of all employees generates positive energy that is priceless.

If employees enjoy and look forward to coming to work productivity can only grow. If they know that their presence is acknowledged and valued on a daily basis, they can then feel confident to contribute their own unique stamp and ideas on the part of the business in which they are involved. If they feel they can meet and work with others on an equal footing, with acceptance of their differences as well as similarities, without preconceived judgments and biases, the path is cleared for focus on the company’s daily, weekly and far-reaching goals.

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