Our Purpose

At BOLT, we bridge the gap between corporate and culture, between production and engagement, and between work and fulfillment. People (and culture for that matter) are the number one currency. Our purpose is to enhance the traditional work experience by igniting employees’ potential and ensuring their voices are heard. We do this by taking employees’ feedback and turning it into quantifiable data that allows you to take real action. This purpose drives our dedicated team to execute on goals, collaborate, share experiences, and perform improving diversity and inclusion and increasing engagement and retention... So, how did we cultivate a great culture and community at BOLT? By making it a number one priority. Collaboration, inclusion, and cognitive diversity have led us to solve one of the biggest problems companies have: cultivating a culture that includes everyone. Our promise to deliver dope experiences has been 3 years in the making and we are just getting started. Joshua Hunt CVO, BOLT Insights
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A Culture Story...

October 2017

Journey Begins

We had this ambitious goal of serving our community through engaging events, resources, & consulting, to guide and to connect them to corporate companies. By November, we established a recruiting business model and formed ETA TALENT, LLC, venturing into Executive Talent Acquisition.



ETA Talent Launch Event

This was our first event and our goal was to create a fun, diverse, inclusive, and unique event we would be proud of. It wasn’t your traditional corporate event. We had one of the most influential DJs in Dallas at our event, photo booths, drinks, small activations, and games. Most importantly, we introduced the idea of cognitive diversity and inclusion to a city at that time was “dead last in economic inclusivity”


The Dots Began Connecting

During an engaging networking experience we had for corporate candidates, we began to realize that pay, location, and job responsibilities weren’t what kept employees engaged at the organization - it was the culture of the organization and experiences.


APRIL 2019

Pivot But Don’t Lose Sight of the Vision

Recruiting talent wasn’t fulfilling for us. For most of the candidates we were recruiting for and spoke to, engagement, culture, and sense of belonging were lacking in the workplace. Another light bulb goes off.

MAY 2019

ETA BOLT is Born

Attempting our bring our vision of creating more inclusion inside corporate companies to life, we started working with creatives to bring the value of culture and diversity into the community.



BOLT’s First Corporate Partnership & Community Initiative

Microsoft has a passion for helping the community, in which we live and work, and we share this passion. It was a synergistic partnership because our goal is to bridge the gap between corporate and culture. In working with Microsoft, we were able to conclude on what worked and what didn’t. Working with Microsoft gave us insight into data we needed to build our electric platform that quantified the impact of engaging the community and integrating it in corporations.


Health is Wealth - Even in Corporate Organizations

We partnered with F45 to express the importance of being emotionally fit, mentally fit, and physically fit. This was a turning point for us as we saw our event engagement go up 55%. We were also to create a healthy experience with a health expert panel, followed by an experimental activation. Read more about our partnership with F45.


How to Market Yourself As A Creative in Corporate

We partnered with Microsoft in Los Angeles to host an event that would empower creatives in the community to embrace cognitive diversity in the corporate space. This is when we clearly saw the impact and importance of inclusion in the workplace. Read more about our partnership with Microsoft.

MARCH 2020

Due to COVID-19...

Our next event into the corporate space would’ve been with Google. However, COVID-19 took us all by surprise and halted our partnership with them. We took a step back in looking at how we translate the connectivity in communities into a virtual world, much like everyone else. Enter our Electric Platform powered by AI...



Feedback You Can Take Real Action On

Introducing BOLT Insights, which focused on igniting the voices of employees in corporations that enabled organizations to take meaningful action, which truly bridges the gap between corporate and culture. This is what we have been working towards for the past 3 years and has given us the insight to help corporations in the most impactful way.


Bolt takes on the hospitality industry with early adopters.

Hospitality is a people-come-first industry that is currently going through a culture shift. We saw the perfect opportunity to use our unique solutions and create positive impact in an industry that employs and serves diverse groups of people.

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March 2021

Bolt hosts their first in-person event since February 2020.

We honored women during International Women's Month by hosting an event for the local community. At BOLT, we are proud to announce that our team is comprised of 50% women and our co-founder, Cherida Murphy, is a black woman in leadership.