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build people


Happy Team = Happy Guests

Improve your employee experience to improve your guest experience. Happy, engaged, and well-supported employees create positive interactions and memorable experiences for guests. Investing in a nurturing and rewarding work environment leads to increased staff satisfaction, which directly translates into higher quality service and a stronger reputation for your brand.

We made a conscious decision to work with BOLT and get better in our hospitality industry to truly seek out a radical change within our business and we've seen it!

Christine MCOO, Makeready

When I heard the founder's origin story and saw the solutions in action, I knew this was an opportunity to be at the forefront of change. We didn't just want words on a wall, we want to live them. BOLT makes this possible!

Craig DCEO, Visit Dallas

We love working with BOLT. We think they are good at what they do; breaking siloes bringing teams and communities together.

Ashley TMicrosoft

Create loyal people that love your brand

Boost team spirit and guest experience with smart tools

  • All-in-one tool for understanding how
    people feel and whatthey value.
  • Daily feedback; engagement in real-time
    (ESG) reporting
  • Smart AI plans that people help make
    perfect for getting things done well.
  • Collaborative workplace culture, directly
    translating to improved guest services.

Every guest visit personalized for their best experience

  • Personalization: customize each guest
    interaction for unique preferences
  • Concerns can be addressed in realtime
    with instant feedback systems
  • Value alignment, matching their guest

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Frequently asked questions

Do you integrate with my current guest experience?

We have a set of read-made integrations with popular platforms plus a team of engineers ready to build custom integrations for those that do not exist yet.

What if we don't have current CX or EX operations?

Our consulting arm Bolt Synergy has CX and EX experts tha can help you build your operations from the ground up.

Can I import data?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Our tech team will work with your IT to make it seamless.