Electrify Culture & Increase Employee Engagement


Industry & department benchmarks

Compare your engagement results to other organizations in real time and compare departments within your own organization. 


Cultural Intelligence

Get a pulse on how your employees and improve your organization culture by using tailored action plans designed by our human experts with the help of AI 


Measure Progress

Track progress towards your tailored action plans and see how it improves your diversity and engagement scores 

Ask The Right Questions To Learn What Motivates & Gives Your People Purpose

In real-time, the platform identifies pain-points within your organization, breaking down the fundamental human (culture) needs. The platform allows you to compare engagement levels between departments within your company, and other corporations, giving you insights into people and culture you can’t get anywhere else.


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Engagement Score


Drive immediate & impactful change

Predict, project, and prevent turnover and tap into cultural intelligence on the platform that gives you the reasons why your top talent might go to your competitors. With customizable action plans, you will be able to make changes relevant to your employees feedback to make a positive impact.


Create A Safe Space For Your Employees

By providing your employees’ with a platform to amplify their voice, you create a safe space for them to share transparent and authentic feedback - the only feedback that matters. The Electric Platform creates sustainable and meaningful action plans to make your organization a more inclusive and engaging place to be, not just “check-the-box” initiatives.


We’re Here With You Every Step Of The Way

Partner with our team of experts

HR and managers will have access to a dynamic team of experts that will navigate you through the insights and intelligence, the platform, and the recommended action plans


Utilize our resources to stay ahead of the curve

Leaders and managers will have access to educational resources that you can use to attract and retain diverse talent, keep your people engaged, improve your culture, and more


BOLT Pledge Program

You will have the opportunity to network with others like you in our community that are at the forefront of impactful culture change