Foster a community built on authentic connection.

Understanding what motivates, engages, and fuels purpose within your organization helps retain the best talent.


What We Do

Empower others to empower others in your company with real-time insights through our Electric Platform. Bolt makes it simple to collect data to understand what engages your organization.

  • Enable leaders with user-friendly data insights & action plans
  • Measure how your company’s initiatives
    affect employees in real-time
  • Keep your top talent away from your competitors
    by using turnover prediction insights
  • Increase employee engagement & satisfaction
    with interactive workshops

The Electric Platform helps you retain culturally-fit top talent so your organization can thrive by:

  • Identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement in your company culture
  • Providing data points that predicts turnover trends so you can stay ahead of your retention efforts
  • Connecting the best data-driven action plans for your organization to increase engagement
  • Understanding the human needs that drive true behavioral change for long-lasting results
  • Increase engagement & satisfaction with interactive workshops