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We are changing the world by unlocking potential and empowering individuals to transform their environment – Building Opportunities and Leveraging Talent- that’s our mission. Through actionable data insights and authentic experiences, we’re revolutionizing how companies nurture their workplace culture.

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Why focus on employee engagement?

1 %
Higher Profitability
With Engaged Company Cultures vs. Disengaged Teams
1 %
More Likely to be Retained
Highly Engaged Employees vs. Disengaged Counterparts
1 %
Increase in Customer Satisfaction
For Companies with High Employee Engagement

What We Do?

Empower your organization with our electric platform, boosting employee engagement through alignment with fundamental human needs.


Armed with real-time engagement quantification and data-driven action plans, gain the industry insight to dynamically drive performance and supercharge your bottom line.

How We Do It?


Evaluate and Measure

Fundamental Human Needs

Sentiment Analysis
Scoring and Industry Benchmarking
Comprehensive dashboard with results visualisation

Identify Opportunities

and Threats Using State of The Art AI

Pain point trends and turnover indicators
Alerts on current or upcoming risks
Empathy and emotional understanding

Suggest Actionable

Personalized Engagement Solutions

Actionable solutions and roadmaps
Suggest career path and personal growth
Gamification and recognition features
Continued support, training, workshops

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