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We build people who enhance guest experiences

We're changing the way people are connected to their companies.

Happy Team = Happy Guests

Improve your employee experience to improve your guest experience.

Happy, engaged, and well-supported employees create positive interactions and memorable experiences for guests. Investing in a nurturing and rewarding work environment leads to increased staff satisfaction, which directly translates into higher quality service and a stronger reputation for your brand. Low engagement results in a staggering $450-500B annual loss.

Create loyal people that love your brand

Boost team spirit and guest experience with smart tools

  • Patent-Pending Methodology- Gain a competitive edge in decision-making with our unique, in-depth analysis of engagement and brand values.
  • Real-Time Feedback- Stay ahead with daily engagement tracking and industry benchmarking for swift adaptability.
  • ESG Reporting- Align your business with sustainability and responsibility, shaping a better future.
  • AI-Driven Efficiency- Optimize outcomes with intelligent AI planning, responsive to team inputs.

Ensuring every voice is heard to enhance guest experiences

  • Predictive Analytics- Proactively manage teams and guest dynamics, minimizing turnover and churn.
  • Career and Personal Development- Fast-track your growth with our curated, science-based resources, interactive workshops, and specialized councils.
  • Collaborative Culture- Break silos, drive goals, elevate teams cohesion through effective communication.

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

Cultivate Loyal People

In a challenging era for hospitality, BOLT has been pivotal in providing solutions rooted in measurable outcomes. Their efforts have energized me, marking some of the finest moments in my tenure.

Jason DelcampHalcyon GM

Our directors love the product's simplicity and are genuinely satisfied. It's a solid foundation for our action plans.

Kami SmithArea Director of People and Culture at Emeline Hotel

We made a conscious decision to work with BOLT. Our partnership reflects our commitment to engagement and diversity in our hospitality business. BOLT's impactful solutions have been instrumental in driving significant transformations within our organization. On the journey we want to look up and be proud of who we are.

Christine MCOO, Makeready

As VisitDallas' new CEO, I've found BOLT's partnership crucial in our transition, providing key insights for aligning our team with our vision and understanding our employees' needs. Their collaboration has been vital in fostering a stronger team connection and enhancing our company culture.

Craig DCEO, Visit Dallas

Our partnership with BOLT has been outstanding, breaking down barriers and unifying communities into strong, resilient cultures. Their skill in fostering a sense of belonging and strengthening connections has earned them profound admiration and respect in the broader community they serve.

Ashley TMicrosoft

BOLT's collaboration with RTRX showcased their commitment to the community. Their team, driven by service, delivers with unmatched promptness and passion. More than a vendor, BOLT is a strategic ally, expertly meeting our diverse needs.

JIM MRockbridge

culture solutions have significantly improved our hospitality experience, effectively creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. This has bridged team gaps and fostered a more unified, dynamic workplace.

Brittany Duhon

As we commemorate our second year of impactful collaboration with BOLT, we deeply admire their commitment to fostering interactive, meaningful initiatives and cultivating an inclusive environment. This partnership has made our second year together a powerful testament to the significance of such initiatives. BOLT continues to stand as a pivotal force, enriching the community spirit within the Discovery District.

JOANNA CAT&T Discovery District

Frequently asked questions

Do you integrate with my current guest experience?

We have a set of read-made integrations with popular platforms plus a team of engineers ready to build custom integrations for those that do not exist yet.

What if we don't have current CX or EX operations?

Our consulting arm Bolt Synergy has CX and EX experts tha can help you build your operations from the ground up.

Can I import data?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Our tech team will work with your IT to make it seamless.