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Introducing the Electric Platform: A revolutionary way for organizational leaders to measure engagement & create a more inclusive & diverse culture.

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Companies Pulse

People are your #1 currency! Get a pulse in real-time on how engaged your employees are; broken down into the fundamental human needs so you know where to pinpoint the problem & take action.

Cultural Intelligence

We grow with you. With the help of AI, improve your organization’s culture by using targeted action plans designed by our experts to create authentic & long-lasting change.

Industry and department benchmarks

The market is hot right now! Know where you stack-up against your competitors by comparing your organization’s department insights to other organizations.

93 %

of employees mention company culture in their Glassdoor reviews, indicating just how important it is to them


of employees who don’t feel valued at work are seeking other job opportunities


lost each Year due to Low Employee Engagement & Lack of Diversity in US companies

Our Unique Approach


Retention & Engagement

We support HR & business leaders to quickly identify & tear down barriers between departments to boost employee morale and increase retention.


Diversity & Inclusion

We help you attract & retain top talent by providing employee insights and analytics, which allows you to create a cognitively diverse culture.


It’s not just a buzzword or a check-off-the-box initiative for us it's our purpose. BOLT was built on a core principle to embrace differences and give underrepresented people a voice. We work around the clock to find the gaps and light up your organization with new solutions.


Community & Culture

We help you grow your brand internally and externally and build unique ties with the community to electrify your culture and create a more cognitively diverse place.


Increase Growth In Employee Satisfaction

We Believe

We can change the world by empowering and igniting the potential in individuals and ensuring their voices are heard. We do this by taking employees’ feedback and turning it into quantifiable data that allows you to take real action to improve employee engagement and morale. Our purpose is to create meaningful experiences to ensure the organization's culture can be a place of enjoyment and fulfillment, not stress and anxiety.

We help our partners with

Saves HR Leaders Time

By providing actionable insights to improve engagement, they can focus on being better leaders and improving the organization's culture by being proactive rather than reactive.

API Integration

Seamlessly Integrate our technology with your current HR software. Let our team of expert developers handle the technological jibber-jabber.

Increase the bottom line

The average cost to replace a single employee is between $30,000 - $40,000. Retain your people, and keep them away from your competitors by using our solution to improve company culture.

"I think there’s a real misconception out there that inclusion means diversity- and that’s where we have a real opportunity to work with BOLT and get better in our industry to truly seek out radical change within our business; having a strong culture is important to create layers throughout the company which creates a solid foundation that you can continue to layer upon and we will look up and have a company we are really proud of."


COO, Makeready

"No one in this industry is doing it like you all, this is a unique approach and exactly what’s needed. In a economy where theres’ disparities and underrepresented this tool gives leaders a way to act on authentic feedback and make lasting change."


CEO, GigWage

"What I love about BOLT is that it starts with the engagement from the workshops and events. That naturally & authentically creates inclusion and attracts diversity. If you try to attract diversity without having a solid culture, then it’s counterproductive & only creates a negative brand for your company.
I think BOLT is doing a great job of starting on the inside with people internally first and creating a better work experience that others can see & feel from the outside"


Owner of Venture X

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